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French singer for your event?


If you want to add a " French touch " to your event ( Wedding, Cocktail, Private event ...), Cerise is the French singer you need !

Cerise is a performer based in Lille, France who specialises in providing bespoke musical entertainment to all kinds of events ( wedding, cocktail, corporate, private showcases ...)

With over a decade of experience, Cerise has all the professionalism and skill needed to give you the perfect performance for your occasion or function.

Cerise performs regularly across France at weddings, private parties and corporate events and will be happy to travel to you and your event.

As she used to live and travel around the world, she acquired language skills that made her fluent in English, Spanish and French.

She also has some basics in Mandarin, German and Modern greek.

Cerise is a French Pop-Folk singer with a vibrant personality, perfectly adapted for your Cocktails, wedding, private and professional events. Her "feel-good" repertoire is sure to uplift and energise any audience, and her performances are full of surprises and vitality.

With captivating performances that showcase her talent, Cerise can perform acoustically, as a solo with guitar and vocals, or with a duo featuring piano, saxophone, and percussion. Her shows blend the best of Pop, Variety, Folk, and Rock music, creating an elegant and warm atmosphere that is perfect for any event.

Cerise has quickly become an integral part of the event scene in Lille, France

Her ability to create an engaging and festive atmosphere makes her an ideal choice for private parties.


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